Volunteering: More Fun in Victory! (Part 1)

Krish Rola Thursday, February 6, 2014 // Worship // Comments

Are you one of our volunteers? Here’s something that would hopefully inspire us to serve all the more as we head closer to this year’s Volunteer Weekend! 


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

Here is why we really love working with volunteers: They are willing to go through the sacrifice of giving up personal time they could have allotted for something else. They do it beyond their God-given calling in their workplace and family. They serve because they love God and they overflow with His power and grace.

In the movie Pearl Harbor, we find one of the greatest movie lines ever-delivered, “Nothing is greater than the heart of a volunteer.” Volunteers reveal the heart of Jesus as they help people find seats, minister songs to the congregation on Sundays, or take on the pressure of running the different aspects of event management.

Nothing is greater than the heart of a volunteer.

If you are a volunteer, you serve beyond personal fulfilment — you serve for the honor and glory of your Master and Saviour, who gave the best example of service and sacrifice.

How do we serve in a way that honors God and reflects His love? Here are some random thought on serving in the most excellent way:

1. We don’t just show up to serve, we prepare to be in service.

• Preparation is critical key to excellence. A music volunteer has to insert an extra schedule for rehearsals. They have to study and review songs so they won’t miss out a single line from the song. A kids volunteer has to run errands, prepare lessons prayerfully and practice to give our kids the best method of teaching so they can follow Jesus. A production design person needs to go “overtime” to make sure the stage resonates the message behind the series.

• That being said, a challenge for each stage manager and tech volunteer is to study songs, memorize programs and even drop by to just make sure all collaterals would run smoothly on a Sunday. A communications ministry volunteer works long hours on an empty board trying to come up with ideas for that video that could hopefully inspire you to join a Victory group.

• An usher is never exempted. Their role is never simple. They have to make sure they are in the best shape to relate to people they don’t know. Some have to say no to late night gimmicks because tiredness hinders the capacity to serve others. They cannot afford to be less-gracious, less-loving or less-courteous.

• Question is, if we desire to serve in the most excellent way, how do we prepare to be in service? What is something we need to say “no” to so we can be more-than-ready for this larger-than-life opportunity on a Sunday?

2. We serve not to meet a commitment, we serve beyond the call of duty – just like Jesus.

d2014-dreamteam• Volunteers serve on a schedule that best fits them so they have time for other things. But what inspires me the most is whenever we have volunteers who are one-text-away. Or better yet, we have an oversupply of volunteers who attend to needs outside their schedule. Just because today “isn’t my assigned day”, doesn’t mean they would brush off the need to help usher people as they make their way to the event hall.

• Jesus took on the most difficult sacrifice by giving His life on the cross. He did not push His position or significance, nor did He misappropriate the use of His power. He took the very nature of a servant out of His love for us.

• That being said, serving gives us an opportunity to be just like Jesus.

So whether you are a current ministry volunteer or hoping to be one, there is so much to love about playing a role in the life of the church. The opportunity to grow with Jesus and serve alongside others is a highlight worth enjoying. I’ll be posting the continuation of this note in the next few days, so keep posted!

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