Volunteering: More Fun in Victory! (Part 2)

Krish Rola Sunday, February 9, 2014 // Worship // Comments

Are you one of our volunteers? Here’s something that would hopefully inspire us to serve all the more after this year’s Volunteer Weekend!

Last week, I shared with you the reason why we love working with volunteers (you can refer to the previous post for a rundown). Personally, I’ve had the privilege of seeing more than enough real-life examples who were never too young, never too old, never too experienced, never too busy to serve volunteers. What makes us love our job more is the love every single volunteer has shown. Hopefully, as I get into the habit of posting what I write, I could share you real-life examples.

How do we serve in a way that honors God and reflects His love? Here is the continuation of my random thoughts on serving in the most excellent way:

3. We come dressed to serve the rest.

•The parable of the bridegroom narrates how the attendants had to keep their lamp burning — they needed enough supply of energy and resource to welcome the bride and bridegroom. The Bible notes Jesus saying “Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning”. We don’t just come prepared to serve, we are dressed for action!

•This is also why production people wear black tops, denims and flats: we have to be ready for a lot of action. On the other hand, an usher needs to dress up (not in sluggish jeans, bad hair or un-ironed shirts) because excellence is attractive. Music volunteers especially worship leaders sometimes suffer through the agony of putting on make-up, and carefully selecting through their wardrobe because they better look good. Would you approach an attendant in a five-star hotel if she looked like she just went out of bed?

•On a side note, excellence doesn’t mean extravagance. I remember my husband telling me stories of his first few years as an usher (back then as a student): They were asked to wear long sleeves and black pants. Coming from a financially-challenged background, he had to believe God for a pair of long-sleeves and pants. He would wash it, iron it and take good care of it so it would look crisp and clean every time he served. Talk about faith and service!

4. We don’t just work together, we serve one another.

•Here’s a summary of the volunteer atmosphere we hope to create: FUN, FAITH AND FAMILY. We come together not just to serve together, but we serve one another. I love seeing our music volunteers visit the tech booth to help guide the clickers in cuing the parts of each song. Or how an usher helps a kids volunteer assist a parent with a playful and sometimes distracting kid at the hall. Or how an admin support volunteer serves overtime to unload logistics concerns from ushers. And how we’ve mobilised communications volunteers to easy the stress of long lines by making you pose for pics. Never easy, but always worth doing.

•It’s disheartening how we find institutions who are service-providers make us move from one office/department to another when all it would take is one phone call to ease us of unnecessary burden and effort in walking back-and-forth. Sometimes we hear lines that break our heart and make us lose our patience “Hindi po samin ‘yan. Dun na lang po kayo magtanong. Empleyado lang po”.

•As a ministry volunteer, we encourage everyone to make serving others a culture and not a cliche. The church is called to be a place for broken people, a home for those with so many special needs, a place for imperfect people who want to know Jesus. It’s understandable if they tend to get a little impatient, if they have a number of extra requests or if they feel so bad because of the long lines. We are here for them anyway, and we will always be happy to serve them Jesus’ way.



If you are a ministry volunteer, thank you. Thank you for serving just like Jesus. Thank you for reflecting His image and likeness. Thank you for loving people the way Jesus loved them. Thank you for your generosity and excellence. As you pray before God and seek His will for your recommitment, may God fill you with more of Him to share. May you never grow tired or weary in doing what is good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest. For now, our greatest joy is the privilege of sharing in our Master’s happiness, together. You are the inspiration for our hard work and service. I cannot afford to be less-than excellent because you gave no excuse for serving with your best.


Our tech volunteers prepping up for action

Our tech volunteers prepping up for action


If you have a desire to be a volunteer, be ready. We cannot give what we do not have. Serving doesn’t require supreme skill set, but a really big heart. The capacity to serve like Jesus only grows as we grow in His love. Respond to the challenge by first responding to His love. Volunteering is not a job, not an affiliation but a holy calling. A beautiful opportunity to learn from Jesus and be like Jesus.

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