(BLOG) Finding God in the Weirdest Places

Lia Enriquez Wednesday, April 30, 2014 // Worship // Comments


I was just listening to a local FM radio when I sensed God speak to me “…you spend all your time and your money just to find out that my love is free”. I know that Justin Timberlake was singing it, but for me, it was a gentle reminder of God’s love put into words.

Contrary to popular belief, God is not just in church buildings or prayer rooms. But God is everywhere. He is in your everyday activity, your happy moments and bad moments.

The great heroes of the Bible also had various unconventional encounters with God. Moses came face to face with God through a “burning bush”. Jacob met God through a stranger. While Paul encountered God while riding on a horse and on his way to Damascus.


Experiencing God in places that may seem “odd” can be as funny as what happened to some friends of mine.

One friend of mine received a word from God while doing his “thing” in the bathroom. Another had a lesson on patience from God while being stuck in the middle of a Manila traffic.

God also teaches justice to those who are caught cheating in friendly board games like Sequence and the like.

When I was still a college student, my faith in God was strengthened in the strangest of places – a Philosophy class in UP, taught by an atheist teacher.

I remembered discussing the topic on Rene Descartes’s proof of God. Apparently, Descartes believes that ‘all knowledge is God-given’. So even the arguments against God are still God’s so in the end ‘God exists’. As confusing as that sounds, that discussion did make me believe of God’s existence in my life.

God can also be found in places where hopelessness abound. God is present in a poverty-stricken father’s house who, despite his family’s deplorable condition, chooses love his wife and kids.

God is present in an orphanage, providing laughter and merriment to kids who have no more moms and dads.

God is also among street children who, despite living in the street, learned to share their food to other kids.

When Jesus went out of the synagogues (place of worship among the Jews) to preach in market places, hills and boats, it was His way of telling us that He is not bound by just one place. For in reality,, we can worship God and we can pray to Him anywhere and anytime.

Our life can be an everyday experience with God whether we are inside a church building or not.

And though the Lenten Season is over, we don’t have to wait for another important occasion like Christmas to seek God, because where you are today, in your office, in your room, at the cafeteria, wherever you are, you can be assured that God will be there. The only question is, “will we be ready and willing to pause and listen?”.