Lifebox Leaders Camp

Sarah Paul Tuesday, April 15, 2014 // Discipleship, Youth // Comments

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Summer is the perfect time to prepare students to gear up and have a vision for their campuses.

Six hundred pumped-up participants are all set to take part in this year’s Lifebox U-Belt Leaders Camp at the Caliraya Resort Club Inc. in Laguna from May 30-June 1.

The biennial Leaders Camp is Lifebox U-Belt’s three-day out-of-town camp held for student leaders, with the sole purpose of equipping them as they prepare for the upcoming school year with a bang.

The official hashtag for this year’s camp is #LeadersCamp2014.

With hundreds of thousands of students trooping back to their respective campuses each year, nothing fires up the hearts of Lifebox than to see young people get trained and mobilized to disciple the next generation of world changers in the University Belt.

The camp is the perfect avenue to see students and campus ministers from various campuses band together and rally behind one solid vision.

Led by OJ Mendoza, one of Lifebox U-Belt’s campus ministers, this year’s Leaders Camp has a unique setup as we see campus staff will work side by side with student volunteers, easily living out the theme for this year’s Camp: “Leadership Development”. 

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This year’s theme centers on the iLead principle where leaders have been identified. Campus ministers share the vision and give the platform for the volunteers to lead, while imparting principles on serving and excellence.

In fact, the process of training and raising the next generation of leaders has been rolled out recently.

At the core of Leadership Development is the vision of not just thinking of their own generation, but also do something that would “outlast” themselves by means of being a generational thinker. This gives students and campus ministers the opportunity to work together in reaching more students through the Gospel, grow together and even learn from one another as they see God move.

Part of forging a strong bond among the student leaders/ volunteers and the campus ministers are various activities like team building, games, fellowship, among others.

Participants for this year’s Leaders Camp will also have a corporate time of prayer and worship as well as sessions with various speakers whose hearts are completely sold out in seeing more  young people transformed through the power of the gospel.

Topics for this year’s camp include Leadership Development, Living a Life of Generosity and Compassion for the Lost. 

At the end of the camp, there is a high hope for more leaders to be excited and expectant of a greater harvest to be discipled when the school year starts. There is hope for students to rise up to leadership, pass on the DNA, see but also share the value of campus ministry, pass on the baton, empower leaders to empower others, live a life of generosity and have compassion for the lost, and never losing sight of the next generation and generations to come.