Real Friends in the Real World

Lia Enriquez Saturday, April 5, 2014 // Discipleship // Comments


You would easily know that the graduation season has arrived when you start seeing tons of photos of “newly-grads” uploaded in their own Facebook accounts.

College graduation, in particular is one major milestone that students celebrate with their classmates, friends and family members.

And usually, graduates celebrate this momentous event of their lives through a graduation ball, graduation gifts from parents and awards from university or college.

Everything seems to be a whirlwind, though once the graduation euphoria dies down, the next logical thing is to find a job while going up against more than 700,000 graduates this 2014.

But college graduates are not left on their own devices as evident in the annual Singles Crossover event held on March 15 where graduating students from Lifebox were welcomed by their “kuyas” and “ates” from the Singles Ministry.

Over 180 graduating students from Lifebox receive “real world” survival tips as a young professional like how to get that first job and having a vision for their future.


Varsha Daswani, a public speaking teacher, shared helpful tips for starters, particularly on how to face job interviews, coming up with an excellent, up-to-date curriculum vitae (commonly known as resume) as well as being sharp and snappy when being interviewed.

Below are some of the highlights from Daswani’s talk with the graduates:

Know that God has the best job in-store for you. You don’t have to act in desperation and settle for something less by immediately jumping for a seemingly tempting offer. Be secure that God has “plans to prosper and not harm you…” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Be brave and ask God to close opportunities that are not for you. There are numerous job vacancies everyday, but God has a specific job waiting for you. You only need to ask Him and claim it in prayer.

As a fitting end to the annual Singles Crossover, Victory U-Belt Senior pastor Gilbert Foliente shared three kinds of visions for the graduates: vision of survival, vision of success and vision of significance.

Ptr. Gilbert said that people who are in a vision of survival tend to narrow their dream, settling in a “survival mode”, and in the process, failing to reach their full potential.

On the other hand, people who have the vision of success see themselves the way they want to be and are convinced that they can achieve something in life.

However, the vision of significance is considered as the most important among the three visions.  Why? Because by having the vision of significance, each work day would be far more fulfilling and exciting, knowing that you are doing something that will outlive you.


After being shielded in the confines of their classrooms, graduates now face the real world. But they don’t have to be alone, so long as they connect with their new friends in the Singles Ministry to help them transition smoothly to the professional world.

If you are one of those who graduated this 2014, we encourage you to get connected to the Singles Ministry, It is more than just “connecting for the sake of getting the right connection”, but it is finding the right people who can get you “continually connected” to God through a Victory group, as you enjoy your new chapter in life.


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