The Young People are Worth Fighting For!

Dindi Familara Wednesday, April 30, 2014 // Youth // Comments


“My mom was diagnosed with a serious heart disease recently. I don’t even know where to get money for my tuition fee.”

“I thought I could make it but I failed a subject.

failed my parents. I am such a disgrace.”

“I can’t help but struggle with this sin over and over again.”

“My family got hit by the typhoon Yolanda.

It is almost impossible to start over.”

“I had a baby 2 years ago. I feel like there’s no more hope for someone like me.”

These are just some of the many real life challenges the young people are experiencing these days.

Almost everyday our students would go through a lot of pressures from the world we live in. What’s even more significant is that their individual responses to these pressures and the decisions that they will make will definetely affect the future of our nation one day.

This is why we do campus ministry. This is why we lay down our lives to reach the young people. I am grateful for our weekly engaging youth services, vibrant Victory Groups and life-changing One2One sessions. I always look forward to our faith-filled campus prayer walks and student leaders’ meetings. Oh, it never gets old. I am still amazed every time I’d see students encounter God for the first time. I am always thrilled to hear how He speaks to their young hearts personally thru His Word. To top it all, I am forever grateful to God for the opportunity to witness young lives being touched and transformed by the message of the Gospel.

In my line of work, everyday that we do campus ministry, it is always priceless to realize that more and more students are now making a stand, fighting for purity and holiness. More are viewing their academic excellence as a wonderful way to honor God. More young people are becoming selfless and start serving God and His people. More testimonies of God’s favor, provision and generosity are being heard from all across the different campuses. More of them are bringing their parents, brothers and sisters to church!

Shaping the young hearts and minds of the students today is shaping the future values of the society one day. Imagine how our nation would be like if it would be led by the next generation who have been discipled well in our campus ministry. This is why the young people are worth fighting for!