UST Lifebox Sem-Ender : Walking Through Life Together

Sarah Paul Tuesday, April 22, 2014 // Youth // Comments

Lifebox UST commemorated the end of their academic year with an Amazing-Race-feel sem-ender entitled “Eto na ang race, Race na ito! Amazing!” at the University of the Philippines grounds on March 22.

This was a time to gather all the Lifebox UST Victory Group leaders and members in one place. It provided another opportunity for the old and new members to be acquainted with each other.

It also offered a venue to jointly celebrate the semester that had just ended. In particular, they rejoiced over God’s faithfulness in enabling the students to be established in the Word, in faith and in church. SY2013-2014 saw a great empowering of Victory Group leaders which ushered the addition of 40 new leaders to last year’s total of 54 leaders.

With about a hundred Victory Groups established, Lifebox UST dramatically increased to 350 students (from 240+ the previous year) despite the 100 students who graduated.

Indeed, God’s grace is enabling growth!


After all their hard work, it was time to have fun!

To ensure that new relationships would be established, members and leaders were all divided into 12 different groups so that during the course of the race. If being split up wasn’t exciting enough, the organizers decided that only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place would be recognized, realizing that it would definitely quicken the competitive, camaraderie spirit of each group.

Each station had unique challenges requiring mental and physical savvy, like tower building with just straws and tape, solving riddles, pass-the-egg relay. The first and last stations were at the Sunken Garden while the others were spread across the whole campus where the groups had to get around only by foot.

Photo by Ria Mangua Photo by Ria Mangua Photo by Ria Mangua Photo by Ria Mangua

Besides accomplishing the challenges each group had to collect letters and arrange it into a phrase, and it was a race against time and the other groups, when all is done right, scores were summed up and the winners were announced.

More than the bragging rights that each group earned, the experience, memories and laughter that have been exchanged in this event are what would resound louder. But more importantly, what was reinforced was the importance, beauty, joy and wisdom of walking through life together.

photos by: Ria Mangua