Walk of Faith: A Real Life Story

Krish Rola Wednesday, April 30, 2014 // Discipleship, Youth // Comments

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Imagine walking from Project 8, Quezon City to Sta. Mesa everyday to spare yourself extra P8.00 for an added ‘baon’ or savings to get through the coming weekend. This is the story of our first REAL LIFE scholar graduate, Marlo Cabuay.

Marlo’s mother passed away in his younger years, leaving his father in hopelessness. With his father not having a stable job, there isn’t much left of Marlo’s dreams. He has a younger brother suffering from cerebral palsy who barely responds through touch and hearing. If we were in his shoes, we wouldn’t blame him for giving up on his dreams.

But because he came to know Jesus in his freshman year and found the support of the church, he gave a shot at college. Though faced with the need to carry-on the role of a breadwinner, he took up AB English in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP.)

We (in church) all knew that many PUP students would walk from their campus (Sta. Mesa) to Victory U-Belt (España), but very few knew he walked for three hours everyday (from home to school and back). At times, he’d get free meals while waiting for the sun to go down so he could walk in the cooler part of the day. In spite of such reality, Marlo maintained a happy disposition and often visited friends from Lifebox in between classes.

“I’d pray to God and declare that one day I won’t have to walk to get to school. I’d confess that one day I could afford a ride and have my own car”, Marlo recounts. However, in his third year, the need to provide for the family became all too tempting that he decided to forego school and  applied in a call center.

Nonetheless, God had better plans and His timing was perfect over Marlo’s life.

A New Wave of Scholars

Just this school year, Victory U-Belt accepted its first batch of REAL LIFE scholars, where Marlo was privileged to be part of. REAL LIFE Foundation empowers dreams by providing high school and university scholarships for underprivileged Filipinos. As a church, we cannot turn deaf ears to those whom Jesus valued when He said “blessed are the poor (in spirit) for theirs is the Kingdom”. REAL LIFE is more than fulfilling social responsibility, it is honoring God not only by saying “we care” but by acting on it. REAL LIFE goes beyond covering school expenses, as it provides Life Coaching in areas of leadership, character, faith and excellence.

Today, through REAL LIFE, Marlo stands without intimidation, confident of the future. Not only that, his perspective of being a “dependent” has greatly changed. “Dati sanay ako na laging may kailangan… Kasi mahirap ako… But the more I knew God and saw how REAL LIFE was His channel of blessing, alam ko I can bless others”, says Marlo. “I can’t wait to be a Life Coach and share my testimony to others”.

Today, Marlo still walks on occasions to forever remember God’s faithfulness and how He met his dreams and needs.

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