A Dummy’s Guide to Single Life

Lia Enriquez Sunday, July 13, 2014 // Discipleship // Comments

The season of life between college graduation and marriage could be more confusing than the identity crisis teenagers usually go through.

As a single, you’re free to spend your money, manage your own time, explore and do a lot more.

However, life as a single also provides us great opportunities to learn so much.

singlesprepAs such, Victory U-Belt’s Singles Ministry recently launched the first of its Singles Prep Series. The series was designed to provide single professionals with the “best tools” they need to maximize their single life.

The first of the series was held on May 25, 2014 at Victory U-Belt’s Main Hall with several experienced speakers like Pastor Gilbert Foliente, Pastor Dennis Sy and his wife Tammy, as well as Pastor Joe Bonifacio with his wife Carla talk on the subjects of Finances, Manhood and Womanhood, respectively.

More than 500 single professionals gathered together for fellowship, get to hang out with new friends while at the same time, gain valuable insights from the speakers.

While there are tons of insights that are worth sharing to your followers on Twitter or Facebook account, here’s a recap that on the first part of the Singles Prep Series, which could serve as your guide as you enjoy your life as a single.

Faith in Your Finances

Generally, people experience the excitement (or sometimes the shock) of having to earn and manage their own money. But we all have to remember that despite the hard work to earn our paycheck every month, every peso still comes from God. As such, every “money matters” in our life requires faith – faith to earn, faith in budgeting our income, faith in paying our debts, faith in saving for the future and faith investing to build our wealth.

There is Nothing Wrong with Being Single

The fact of the matter is, one of the greatest fears among single professionals today is the fear of not being able to find a lifetime partner. However, instead of focusing on the possibility of not finding a lifetime partner in the future, we have to understand that our season of life as a single provides us with opportunities to grow – from relationships with our peers, establishing new friendship with the people we meet along the way, and most of all, growing in our relationship with God. These stages of single life, coupled by a consistent, thriving relationship with God, prepares us in many ways for marriage.

Do Not Base Your Confidence on the Externals

Sure, there is nothing wrong with looking like a model or a showbiz personality, but we have to remind ourselves that we should not base our confidence on these. Instead, let us put our confidence on the One who created us, who intends to fulfill His purpose in our lives. In fact, you don’t have to look like a macho or super model to accomplish great things, but you just simply need to be secure and be assured in we can “..do all things through Christ who strengthens us” (Philippians 4:13).

Let Men Lead

God called men to lead. In fact, God gave men the responsibility to provide, protect and lead people. On the other hand, women should give way for men to exemplify leadership especially when we talk about the relationship process – from friendship, to courtship and eventually marriage. In this way, we are able to build foundations on marriage and families that will honor God in the future.

As singles, some will have the time of their lives, while some will probably go through this season and somewhat struggle. But if there is one thing that we needs to be established during this season – it is our security in God. Being secured that God has given this season to grow professionally, financially and even emotionally, even as discover new things and build friendships.

By doing so, we would eventually be able to transition from single life to married life.

So go ahead, enjoy your season of life as a single, build wonderful memories, save, bless, invest. Time well spent this season could eventually yield greater result, knowing that God will fulfill the purpose He has for our life.


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