Flipped: Hearts turned and lives transformed

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Niel Lachica, a husband and a father to six kids, testifies that a life without Jesus is definitely meaningless!

It all started half-way through 2015 when he pondered about how life felt empty despite all the good and bad years that have passed.

“Just like any other family, we go through a lot of problems that just seemed to keep coming back. And left on our own, we can do nothing about them,” he said. Even after these problems have come to pass and blessings started to pour in, he still felt that boring hole of not having a personal relationship with God.

He then started to read the Bible and listen to Christian songs in the hope of easing the burden of these struggles. He and his wife, Mayet, also started to talk about finding a Church that would help them quench their spiritual thirst.

And God opened His loving arms to him when one of his Christian officemates introduced Victory as he mentioned his desire to be a part of a different Church during one random chat they had at work.

“I then talked to my wife that I would like to become a Born-Again Christian,” Niel recalled. He gave his family the option whether they want to come with him into this decision or not. Amazingly, Mayet readily supported him and followed his footsteps. 

“But we weren’t able to visit the Church right away,” Mayet laughs at the memory. “Something would always come up that we kept pushing it off to next Sunday.”

Until finally on November 15, 2015, they attended their first Sunday Service. It was the second week of the “Fine Line” series which they can still vividly remember having Pastor Julius Rola preach at 7PM. Right there and then, Niel raised his hand and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior during the altar call.

“I wasn’t aware that she (referring to wife Mayet) had also raised her hand at that time because we all had our eyes closed, praying along with Pastor Julius,” shares Niel.

“At first, I didn’t understand the gravity of the acceptance I made. I didn’t know it will all start from that specific moment I raised my hand,” Mayet exclaimed.

Of course, just like any other new Christian, they suffered persecution from those surrounding them — even from their own children. When they discussed this big decision with them, not all of them were keen about it. Their second-born daughter Erika who studies in a Catholic school indignantly said she would stick with the faith she has been raised with. 

“Whenever we will invite them to church, each of them has his/her own alibis to avoid coming with us,” Niel admits. But through persistence and God’s grace, the couple was able to bring them one by one in the following weeks.

Surprisingly, amongst all of their children, Erika, who was vocally not excited for the new life her parents are starting off, was the first one to attend Victory Weekend. And she was also the first one who joined a Victory Group.

“We would always tease her that before the idea was too irrational for her but when God called her, she got nothing to do but to respond and follow,” said Mayet. There’s really no turning back from Christ!

Nikki, one of their daughters as well, was hesitant at first during Praise and Worship. She used to stand stiffly but now, she also raises her hands and passionately sings for the Lord!

“As their father, it is a joy to see my family praising and worshipping God together,” shares Niel.

Lachica Family

Last September 3 and 4, the couple and daughters Nikki and Keeenell have attended Victory Weekend and got baptised together. Yet their eagerness to get to know Christ as a family built up even more as they started joining Victory Groups.

“I told them that we shouldn’t be satisfied with just sitting and listening to the preaching each week,” Niel regarding their desire to connect to a Victory Group.

Currently, their daughters are now part of the different ministries in Church: Nikki in Communications Ministry and Keeenell in Victory Kids.

“Seeing my family living the life Christ has won for them, what more could I ask for?” Niel exclaimed.

Indeed, no one can stop God when He opens one’s heart to His amazing grace and everlasting love. And when He works through our lives, we can be assured that He will never stop until He finishes what He has started. Niel’s astounding testimony is a reminder that God is a promise-keeper and it serves as an inspiration to those who are holding on to His promise of household salvation!

“And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” – Ezekiel 36:26

Truly, a transformed heart and life can only be possible in Christ!