Newsletter: Q1 2016

CJ Nunag Thursday, April 14, 2016 // Discipleship, Worship, Youth // Comments

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

Ecclesiastes 3:1

New year, new season! This verse is very significant for Victory U-­Belt as we enter 2016. This year, we dare to believe God as a team to have the faith to climb higher mountains and soar to greater heights—a time to display audacious, mountain climbing and overcoming faith! The first quarter of the year gave us a glimpse of what is to come.

Prayer and Fasting

Dare To BelieveWhat better way to start the climb by preparing for it the best way possible – acknowledging that all is from God and through Him. Together with the Victory congregations nationwide, we took time to consecrate ourselves for five days as we seek Him for His guidance and grace as we go through another season of His faithfulness.

Volunteers and Leaders’ Fun Night

fun night 2The past year has been a very fruitful season for us here in Victory U-­Belt. We know that it is God who makes things grow but we are grateful for our volunteers and leaders who are willing to obey and be used by God to usher in this growth. fun nightYes, we are believing God to let us climb higher mountains this year and there would be steep and rocky slopes along the way but before ascending, we took time to have fun, appreciate and honor almost a thousand faithful and passionate volunteers and leaders who made the climb fun and fruitful last year! We also took this time to honor and send off the great leader of our team, Pastor Gilbert Foliente, to his new role as the Executive Director of Every Nation Philippines. I’m truly humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to take up where he left off at Victory U-Belt.

Volunteers’ Challenge

God is indeed enlarging our tent for this year! We know that He has prepared so much for the coming season that is why we took the time to challenge new members of the team. More than a thousand volunteers signed-­up for different ministries for the Volunteers’ Challenge (Volunteer Weekend)!


Preparation is the key as we believe for greater harvest in the coming years. With that, we had our first Empowering Leaders’ Seminar last January. As we travel across the mountain range this March, we equipped the climbers especially, the Victory Group Leaders and Discipleship Coaches who are at the forefront of Discipleship. 10,000 leaders across Metro Manila gathered at MOA Arena for strengthening and empowerment. d2016d2016 1We tapped into the power of the Holy Spirit to become witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Almost a thousand leaders (students, singles and couples) from Victory U-­Belt attended and are now on fire to make more disciples! This was further emphasized at this year’s first VIP (Vision, Instruction and Prayer) for the Singles and Family Ministries. We would always make time and put a premium on what’s important to us!

Reaching and Discipling the future leaders will always be the heartbeat of Victory U-Belt! The first leg of the climb this February required everyone to roll up their sleeves to prepare for the harvest. It was a truly rewarding sight to see crowds of students coming to our Youth Services!

love revolution 4

Thousands of students joined our Youth Services and enlisted for the Love Revolution! Almost 2,000 of them gave their lives to Jesus and committed to follow Him.


This was a busy season for our Campus Missionaries as they worked on making sure they are plugged into Victory Groups to help them with their walk with God. We explored the idea of maximizing the tool that is very relevant to the young people today: The Social Media. And indeed, the “Love Revolution” series created a big wave!

love revolution

Topics discussed in the Youth Services were shared, re-­posted and were trending across different Social Media networks. Through this, we were able to reach out to not only to those who are here in the Philippines but also to those beyond our borders! As the first quarter of the year comes to a close, we only look back with gratefulness in our hearts knowing that it is God who allowed all these things to come to pass.

love revolution 2

We know that this is just the first station of the climb. By His grace, we will continue to climb further and farther trusting in His power to conquer bigger, steeper and towering boulders and mountains.

Thank you for standing and believing in us as we change the campus and change the world—all for His glory!