VIBE: Life’s a Party

Czarina de Leon Tuesday, August 5, 2014 // Discipleship, Youth // Comments

As we move to the second half of 2014, LifeBox U-Belt is also gearing up for more after unveiling our Youth series called, “Vibe: Life’s a Party” last July. 

We added more lights and invited disc jockeys during the three-week series to recreate U-Belt’s main hall with an ambience of a club party.


An average of 5,000 college and high school students came in attendance at the youth service (check out #ubeltvibe for more posts), leaving the venue with a better understanding that life only becomes a “real, enjoyable party” when they embrace the beautiful plan of God in their lives.

The series, which touched on the Book of Ecclesiastes, has helped the students to understand that even at their age, they can start living and aligning their lives according to God’s purpose.

Below is a breakdown of the Vibe series for you to understand better:


We launched this new series with the question: Is there any reason for us to be happy? ” 

YOLO means You Only Live OnceIt has become one of young people’s favorite expressions nowadays, where they take enjoying life to the extreme by taking risks and doing something that can only rash at times. However, the author of the book, King Solomon, summed up his inquiries and even the experiences he had in life by saying, “life is meaningless”.

In the end, everything we do “under the sun” is empty and pointless apart from a relationship with God. 


In the second week of the series, we asked the question: Is there a way for us to be truly happy? People consider amassing wealth or material things as a way to achieving true happiness. Others thought relationship with the opposite sex is the way to lasting happiness. While still, others think that getting good grades can make them really happy.

Yet, at the end of it all, the pursuit of pleasure only leads to pain, while the pursuit of God results to ultimate pleasure.  


And finally, we wrapped up the series by talking about the uncertainty of our future, with the question: “Is there a way to control my future?” 

People try to do so many things in the hope of securing their future. Yet, our best effort to take control our future is in vain unless we go back to God.

While we all may have a lot of questions in life, questions that may shock us, cause us to be anxious or even be left puzzled, may we all find encouragement from Jesus, who told His disciples in John 16:33 (NIV), “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”