Grace Changes

Julius Rola Tuesday, November 4, 2014 // Worship // Comments

While listening to one of my favorite worship songs, “Grace Changes Everything” from the new Radical Love album by Victory Worship, I still vividly remember the first time we sang this song at our Live Worship Night, which I should say, was an incredible experience. The lyrics are simple, yet it perfectly encapsulates Christ’s finished work on the cross.

Below is a portion of the song:

Chorus part

There’s no sin too great
There’s no pain too deep
The cross declares it is done
There’s no shame too real
That His love won’t heal
Forever the victory is won

How many of you have ever felt far away from God at some point in your life?

The Bible says sin causes the separation – all kinds of sin if you may. But the good news is God made a way through Jesus for us to be with Him (John 3:16). That’s the power of the gospel!

Sin causes our separation from God, sin causes pain and shame. Yet, God’s love is greater than all our sins. His love can heal the deepest pains of our hearts, His love can heal and make our hearts complete.

Verse 2 part

By the power of His blood
We are daughters and sons
His grace changes everything

Apart from Christ, we are considered enemies of God. Our destination was eternal death. But through the finished work of Jesus on that cross, we now have a right standing with God the Father. Now, we are children of God.

Bridge part

It is finished
It is finished
The victory is won

The very last words of Jesus on the cross was tetelestai”, which means it is finished. And this means, we are no longer slaves to sin, we are set free in Christ.

Life is a constant battle, some over addiction, others over temptation, or sickness, financial lack, relationship issues, yet, be assured of this truth: Jesus has already won the victory for us!

Just remember this: you are not fighting FOR VICTORY, but you are fighting FROM VICTORY that CHRIST accomplished on the cross.