Connecting with God: Discovering your Devotional Pathway

Krish Rola Saturday, February 28, 2015 // Discipleship, Worship, Youth // Comments

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Just recently, I had the privilege of visiting Victory-Los Banos for its 25th Anniversary. It wasn’t just another celebration service, it was commemorative of the time I entered UPLB as a college freshmen.

As I could vividly recall, three days after the first day of class, I was in the same place, the DL Umali Auditorium, at the same anniversary event where I came to know Jesus. With a surge of nostalgia and deep gratitude, I look back in amazement at how His faithful love has been revealed to me over the years.

I could almost hear the person who discipled me whisper to me, “You have it in your hands to be a Christian for either 40 days or more than 40 years.”

Just like any child of God, my prayer was to live for Christ for the rest of my life.

Have you ever prayed that prayer, too? Have you ever feared that one day you’d wake up losing that fervent zeal and passion for Jesus? Have you ever been scared to stumble and fall in your walk with God?

Coming from a highly religious background, a part of me once sought a formula to passionate Christianity. But when the cross hit me, it made me see that a relationship does not require such formula.

The Bible says, “God confides on those who fear Him” -Psalm 25:14

This passage reminds me of how God relates to us not as a subordinate but as a friend, thus, revealing the beauty of a personal relationship.

But just like any personal relationship, I learned it takes a journey to discovering how you connect deeper, better and clearer.

Christian author and American pastor Bill Hybels mentioned in his book, Courageous Leadership that each of us are uniquely wired to connect to God.

He called it “sacred pathways”.

Imagine it like your own version of an ideal bonding with God. In a world of busyness and distractions, we need to guard our personal devotion and make sure we are fully engaged and fully ready to meet Him.

“Sacred pathways are like doors that open into a room where we can feel particularly close to God. Just as different leaders have many different personalities and combinations of gifts, so they have many different pathways.”

-Courageous Leadership, Bill Hybels

Here’s an excerpt of a quiz I found online that helps us identify our most natural means of connecting with God. Try to take the quiz and discover how you can know God better.

LINK: Devotional-Pathway-Survey

Years ago, I’ve discovered I connect with God best, given I have enough time to think, pray and write everything that goes through my head.

My contemplative nature reminds me to have an unhurried time with God. My idea of a “perfect devotional time” with God, is solitude in a sweet spot, with a Bible study material and lots of paper so I can process the week’s happenings and meditate on God’s word.

What’s your main devotional pathway? What are some adjustments you could make so you could maximize your personal time with God? Whatever your result may be, it does not give us an excuse not read the word, pray, worship, and be discipled. It simply helps us identify how we can connect with God and add vibrance to our personal devotion.

Hope this has helped you in your walk with God today!