Maximizing the Sunday Service Experience

Lia Enriquez Sunday, February 8, 2015 // Worship // Comments

Filipinos generally spend their Sundays with their families.

And as part of this weekend culture, Filipinos make sure to attend church together on Sundays.

Growing in this kind of Filipino tradition, we hear something like: “come early”, “dress-up nicely”, “listen to the preacher”, “bring your Bible”, among others.

When I was young, I have done that roll-your-eyes thing at least once when I heard these so-called before-you-go-to-church-on-a-Sunday “rules” and still did when I was a teenager before I came to understand God’s love.

But when I finally surrendered my life to Jesus, I came to realize that paying attention to the Sunday preaching, bringing your Bible and coming early to church doesn’t have to be a Sunday ritual.

Instead, when you truly understand that God loves you deeply, these seeming Sunday rules become a natural by-product of our love for Him.

The following are some tips so we can better maximize what I would call our Sunday Service Experience:

11. Come to Church Early

Being punctual in your weekly time with God is a sign of respect. If we do this in our work, in our dates, in our gimmiks, then all the more we should do this for God as a sign of respect and love for how we spend our time.

22. Bring the essentials

For those who still can’t figure how to use an iPAD, you can bring a Bible, pen and a notebook instead. For the majority, that is one way to remember some of the “tweet-worthy” statements the pastor will say.

33. Be ready to socialize

More than just Sunday goers, we have to realize that the church is our spiritual family. And the service gives us an opportunity to gain new friends and establish relationships with the friends you have. This is one of the ways to grow in our relationship with God.

44. Get ready to party!

Maximize the worship experience. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up in the air and give your all to God as a sign of honor and respect!

55. Don’t surf the net or text during service

Yes, sometimes, we are guilty about this. But what’s one hour and a half in a week to worship with your church mates and listen to the word? It would be best to turn your mobile internet off and focus on God’s word. You will hear more from God when we do so.

66. Lastly, take charge of your emotions and be in an expectant disposition to be with God.

All of the things above are not rules but just suggestions on what you can do to prepare for your Sunday Service experience. When doing things for God, make sure the heart is right because the Bible says “…for the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7).

Happy Sunday!

* Illustrations by Yoan Etcubañas